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Bird Sanctuaries Around Bangalore Ideal For Ornithologist

People go around so much these days, to clubs and cafes, bars and beaches.Bangalore, for example, is a place which is so hip and happening and people know it's for the best draught beer that they get over there like no other place. Basically, people go there to rejuvenate themselves and partying around, and pub-hopping. But there are so many other interesting places to visit in Bangalore as well. Like, if you love nature and its beautiful creatures, and you happen to drop by in the city, there are quite a few national parks and wildlife sanctuaries near Bangalore, which you can easily pay a visit to.



Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

This Bird Sanctuary around Bangalore is in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. It is just 320 kms away from Bangalore. The villagers of this region are extremely fond of their birds and are super protective about them. They use the bird droppings for fertilizing their crops. The best time to visit this sanctuary is between the months of November to March. Some of the birds that can be spotted are Garganeys, Glossy Ibises and Grey Pelicans.


Mandagadde Island

This sanctuary is 310 kms away from the city center of Bangalore and the best time to visit this one is between the months of May and July to September. This one is located in Shimoga, Karnataka. There are many national parks in Karnataka as well. It is just a short distance from the Gajanur Dam, situated in the midst of the Tunga River. During the peak season, one can expect to see as many as around five thousand species of birds altogether. Birds like, Median Egret, Darter, and Little Cormorant are found here. The best time to visit is the month of May when the migratory birds come to mate.



Madiwala Lake

This lake is a sprawling one. It stretches over 114 hectares. You can find the Spot-billed Pelican which is known to migrate smaller distances and can be found near Sri-Lanka. The best time to visit this lake is during the months of November and December. It is nearly 10 kms away from the Bangalore City Centre.




Gudavi Bird Sanctuary

This is an amazing wildlife sanctuary near Bangalore. This sanctuary, too, is in Shimoga, Karnataka. During the monsoons one can find birds flying down from different parts of the world, finding a place in the dense forests of Malnad, Bangalore. The species that can be seen include Night Heron and Little Grebe. Go to this place from June to November. You get to see a variety of migratory birds and get the candid shots for your Instagram blog’s feed. This is located at a distance of 370 kms from Bangalore City Centre.



Kokrebellur Bird Sanctuary

This one is sited around 90 kms away from the Bangalore City Centre in the Mandya District of Karnataka. Black Ibis and Indian Pond Heron are the ones you expect to spot there besides Painted Storks, which are natives of this region. The Villagers use the bird droppings as a fertilizer for their crops. You must visit this around February to march to get a better view of the beauties.



Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

The best time to visit this bird Sanctuary is within February to March. It is located around 125 kms away from the Bangalore City Center. This sanctuary was built by the king of Mysore in the year 1648. This one is the largest bird sanctuary in the state and is situated on the banks of the Kaveri River.


Bannerghatta National Park

This national park is 140 kms away from the Bangalore City Center and is cradled in the Anekal Hill Range. This sanctuary holds a place for a wide variety of animals where apart from the birds you can spot tigers and elephants. The birds of this sanctuary include the Grey Junglefowl, Grey Heron, Indian Grey Hornbil, and the Brahmini kite. The best time to behold the lovelies is within September to January!


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These sanctuaries are a must-visit if you are a bird lover and want to witness the flares of colors and variety. You can also expect to get lovely snaps worthy of being framed for eternity!